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Boat trailers

Company RUSSO-BALT produces durable welded trailers. Metal body of the trailer is galvanized after welding by the hot galvanization method, when the whole metal construction of the body is put into a basin with hot zinc; as a result not only the outer, but also the inner construction walls are covered with zinc.


Company produces different kinds of one-axle and two-axle cargo trailers:

- without brakes, the full mass from 500 up to 750 kg;

- with brakes, the full mass from 1100 up to 3500 kg.


Trailers without brakes are equipped with:

- torsion suspension;

- leaf spring suspension and dampers.


Company produces the following kinds of one-axle and two-axle boat trailers for:


- water motor-cycles;

- boats;

- cutters;

- canoe;

- yachts.


Depending on loading specifics of the water transport mean, the back lighting panel can be removed in order to roll the trailer into water. Consoles and supports can be regulated according to sizes of the water transport mean.


Company produces also mobile trolleys for storing boats and cutters on landing, for example, during winter time.


See the wide assortment of boat trailer with references for detailed information and the samples of production in specification in the menu list on the right.


Apart from a wide assortment of standard trailers the company produces also boat trailers according to individual sizes as many as needed.


If you failed to find a trailer suitable for your load, please, see the section Special Trailers.

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